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Thread: Anybody had a throat problem with Cit.

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    Anybody had a throat problem with Cit.

    I've been taking 20mg Citalopram for 9 weeks, gone through most of the side effects my doctor upped my dose to 30mg but before that I had noticed a sore throat and tongue. Visit to the dentist and she said clenching teeth is not unusual on AD's but i also had been chewing my tongue.

    I saw my doctor yesterday and he checked my throat and glands and said it wasn't showing any signs of infection. I have had pain and soreness on the left side of my throat and tongue for 4 weeks mainly at night. Just would like to know if anybody else has had this problem and could it be the Citalopram?

    I'm not feeling much different so far but the doctor said I must give it 6 months before considering any change, as anybody found it take this long to show any improvement in anxiety issues?

    Kath138 x

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    Re: Anybody had a throat problem with Cit.

    I've not noticed any throat issues, and my anxiety tends to focus on choking so it's something I'd definitely spot.

    Regarding the length of time, I think it's right and wrong, it depends what you count as change. I'd say 1-3 months to benefit initially (and by benefit I mean feeling like getting out of bed on the right side vs the wrong side, it works well), but obviously it'll take you sometime to notice that change and longer still to build confidence that you're not as panicky on it.
    6 Months is generally the minimum time one stays on anti depressants to my knowledge.
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    Re: Anybody had a throat problem with Cit.

    I'm week 3 and haven't had any throat issues. I'm seriously clenching my jaw & teeth though which is giving me a lot of pain & tension headaches :(
    I still feel utterly crap on them but I think last time it took me a good 8 weeks to notice a difference x
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    Re: Anybody had a throat problem with Cit.

    Different drug but similar, Iíve been taking escitalopram for 7 months. Iím on 12.5mg but still suffer from jaw clenching, ear pain & sinus pressure. I also have a severely cracked tongue. My anxiety is great however so Iím still putting up with these side effects....for now.

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    Re: Anybody had a throat problem with Cit.

    Thank you all for your replies. Suzie I've read your previous posts and like you I will stick with it. I trust my doctor but still worried about this scratchy throat then again anxiety does that doesn't it!

    Sleepy I know how you feel the clenching is bad my dentist can make a mouth guard but I thought I'd try a cheaper version online and I can't tolerate them. As for my tongue it's very sore and has an ulcer so I've been prescribed Buccal tablets no improvement as yet.

    Mark luckily I don't get the choking feeling (maybe I shouldn't have said that), but do sometimes feel like I can't breath properly. I hope we all get rid of these horrible symptoms.

    All the best.
    Kath138 x

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