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Thread: Switching Lexapro from Day to Night

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    Switching Lexapro from Day to Night

    I switched from taking Lexapro in the morning to at night because I thought I would remember more at night. Now I have extreme dizziness and brain fog during the day. Has anyone had experienced this?

    If I switch back to taking in the AM will this go away? I've been on it for 4 months (I've been on and off for ~7 years or so) and this symptom/issue has never happened.

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    Re: Switching Lexapro from Day to Night

    They are not common side effects and it does not make sense since the medication is still in your blood no matter what time you take it, a question: have you experienced insomnia with escitalopram? regards

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    Re: Switching Lexapro from Day to Night

    Nope, never an insomnia. Yeah, that is why I am confused. Can you develop a side effect to Lexapro during treatment? I've never had this before.

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    Re: Switching Lexapro from Day to Night

    It is not impossible but it would also be necessary to see if it is not anxiety itself, do you take CBT apart?

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    Re: Switching Lexapro from Day to Night

    Yeah my anxiety is a bit higher this week (PMS related) but I've never experienced dizziness/fog like this, to this extreme before.

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