I thought I would circle back around to this thread for an update.

I had a scheduled checkup with my regular doctor in May where we discussed what the psychiatrist had to say. I decided that I just wasn't comfortable with the risk of serious drug interactions, so I decided not to take medication as long as I am taking the other medications I currently have to take. I then called the psychiatrist's office to let him know what my final decision was. I ended up getting a follow up appointment, which due to various conflicts on both my work schedule and his, was postponed until October.

I saw the psychiatrist again this month and we discussed what was and wasn't working for me and the continuing difficulty in getting CBT or other structured therapy in my area. He is making a referral for me to get counseling at the university, but it will have to wait until next summer when I can arrange my work hours to accommodate the two hour round trip. I'm hopeful that the counseling program at the university will be geared more toward the type of treatment I need.