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Thread: Hypnotherapy- anyone?

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    Hypnotherapy- anyone?

    Hi all!
    Has anyone tried (and had success with..) hypnotherapy?
    Ive been talking to a guy locally who does it for health anxiety - he said he sees a lot of people with it and he is treating a woman atm whos HA is all but gone after 3 sessions....
    Im really thinking of giving it a shot.... nothing to lose right?!

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    Re: Hypnotherapy- anyone?

    Well, you'd lose money unless he's a clinical hypnotherapist with the relevant qualifications so I'd check out his credentials first.

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    Re: Hypnotherapy- anyone?

    BA Hons, ADip Hyp (NC), MNSHP, CHFP, UKCP

    These are his qualifications and hes accredited by UKCP

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    Re: Hypnotherapy- anyone?

    I tried it one time with a licensed hypnotherapist. It was weird but I liked it for the most part. I wouldn't say it cured me by any means but it did serve as an interrupter of the cycle I was in at the time. I felt very positive and really great afterwards for the day and it gave me hope. I would go again if I ever felt as down as I did that particular day.


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    Re: Hypnotherapy- anyone?

    A two hour hypnotherapy session helped me more than 8 years of CBT. It took away many of my physical wasn't a "cure" by any means but it drastically decreased my suffering on a day-to-day basis. But definitely make sure whoever you go with is fully certified and experienced and has good references.

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    Re: Hypnotherapy- anyone?


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