So we have had a mildew/humidity problem in our apartment for the past month maybe and finally someone came to check it out and they removed the dishwasher and thereís a pretty bad leak in the encasing. So they put a dehumidifier out and itís dried out the air so bad. My lips are so chapped and I feel so dehydrated and my throat feels so dry. Like the kinda dry where itís a little tickley before you get sick and like it makes you feel kinda nauseous when you swallow. Does that make sense? So I went to look at my throat and I was moving my tongue around just checking it out and I noticed that thereís two pockets back up behind my wisdom teeth that look like the white color that under my tongue is. Like itís whiteish and veiny under my tongue and it looks like that back there behind it. I washed my hands and touched the spots and they arenít bumpy or anything they just feel like they are apart of my skin back there. Now Iím panicking about throat cancer. My lymph nodes arenít swollen. Idk if itís always been like that or not. I showed my husband and he said heís said heís seen it a few times in the past when Iíve asked him to see my throat. Ugh. Idk if I should make an appointment or not but Iíve alreasy had a panic attack over it