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Thread: Steroid injection

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    Steroid injection

    I have a rotary cuff injury and been suggested I have a steroid injection but I have medication related anxiety ina Iím concerned any long term effect as once itís odont Iím stuck with the effect I was just woundering people experience on steroid injection as Iím brickingbit but in an awful lot of pain with it

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    Re: Steroid injection

    My mum just had one for the same injury two days ago, she was a little worried about pain going in but she spent the evening last night playing black light mini golf and hasnít had any issues whatsoever. Her pain is definitely no worse than before and she has a little more movement in her shoulder now, it takes up to a week to start working but the worst bit was the injection for the local to start with.

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    Re: Steroid injection

    Thank you for your reply ��

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