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Thread: Colonoscopy in 2 days, freaking out , help

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    Exclamation Colonoscopy in 2 days, freaking out , help

    Hi everybody

    I have my colonoscopy in 2 days and today I start the special diet today, problem is I ate something bad on Saturday and now I have diarrhoea, I知 worried how I can have laxatives if I have diarrhoea ? Is it safe

    I知 also scared about the procedure and the results. Please can anyone give me some advice on the procedure and what I should do and not do etc?

    Thanks all


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    Re: Colonoscopy in 2 days, freaking out , help

    I’m sure it is fine to continue with the prep. The preceding days are the worst bit, the colonoscopy itself is fine; quick and not painful. I’ve had two so if you have any questions just ask...
    Good luck!

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    Re: Colonoscopy in 2 days, freaking out , help

    I agree with Jojo. The prep will make you do the same thing anyway and clean you totally out. Not a doctor but unless you're really ill with a virus or something and this a one off from eating crap, I wouldn't sweat it.

    The prep is the worst part. Just make sure you have a good book or your phone/laptop is charged because I think you can guess where you'll be spending some time

    The procedure itself is a breeze. You're going to get some good drugs (and if they don't offer, ask!) and you won't give hoot or remember

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    Re: Colonoscopy in 2 days, freaking out , help

    Thank you guys for the reply , I spoke to my gastro guy and he said it痴 fine

    I知 so nervous , please pray for me guys , I really hope it痴 nothing serious

    I will update you once I知 done

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    Re: Colonoscopy in 2 days, freaking out , help


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    Re: Colonoscopy in 2 days, freaking out , help

    As the others said the procedure is very easy. If you're having it done privately, the surgeon will talk to you about the results after the procedure when you wake up.

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