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    Six weeks of yellow diarrhea, advice really needed

    I'll try to sum up the past 6 weeks as quickly as I can. I started having yellow diarrhea in November - I mean bright yellow, plus yellow on the toilet paper when wiping. I've been under a lot of stress/anxiety since it began. I've had this happen before when under stress, but it's gone away completely within a week or two...nowhere near this long.

    I went to a walk-in clinic. They said it was gastroenteritis (I knew it wasn't, but ok). Got IV fluids and anti nausea meds. Then I went to my primary doctor. He knows this has happened before, says it's probably just anxiety, and gives me a script for an anti-anxiety med. End up in the ER on Christmas Eve, they do some blood work, tell me I need to see a GI doctor, and send me on my way.

    Saw the GI doctor yesterday. He requested 3 stool samples, that I'm in the process of giving him. He says if the stool sample shows nothing, I'm going to need a colonoscopy? He mentioned ulcerative colitis - I read the symptoms of ulcerative colitis, and other than the urgent diarrhea, I don't have any of them - no fever, no bloody stools, etc.

    I mentioned gallbladder issues - my mom has had hers removed, and I sometimes I have pain under the ribs on the right side. He poked around my right side, but didn't say anything.

    Also, it is somewhat controlled when taking my antidepressant and a calcium supplement. Miss a dose of one or the other, and I'm right back on the toilet for hours.

    I can barely get the stress/anxiety under control - I had a complete panic attack a few days ago. I've been obsessing over this, and still have no medical answers. I have no clue what to do.

    I'm terrified I have cancer (liver, pancreas, gallbladder, etc), and I have young children, so I worry constantly about what would happen if I got a serious illness. My husband is a lot older than I am, and my parents are not in the best health, so I worry they could end up orphans if anything happened to me.

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    Re: Six weeks of yellow diarrhea, advice really needed

    What did you figure out on this? I’m doing this too.

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    Re: Six weeks of yellow diarrhea, advice really needed

    I get an upset stomach when Iím anxious, so thatís probably whatís causing it. Itís one of our bodies reactions to stress/anxiety and nothing to worry about.

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