Hi everyone! I am 30 years old and have been consumed with fear of having a pulmonary embolism. A little background- a few weeks ago I noticed heart palpitations while out to lunch. I went straight to urgent care where they did an ekg and also a ddimer to check for blood clots which both came back normal. They put it down as anxiety and sent me to follow up with a cardiologist. Then on Christmas night I was sleeping and woke up to a extremely racing heart and couldnít breath! My husband called 911 and off I went to the hospital. There they did and ekg again and did a ddimer test which did come back a little elevated so they did a chest C.T. scan to check for pulmonary embolisms which came back clear. Again, was put down as panic attack. Fast forward to today, I went to urgent care again this morning because I have chest and back pain and there they did a ekg again which was normal and I begged them to re do the ddimer because I am convinced that when they did it in the hospital that it was a blood clot that was somewhere else and not on my lungs at the time and now Iím scared it is. They said my ddimer was normal today and that ddimer test are not the most reliable when elevated because almost anything can cause it to go up and that my normal ddimer test today is reassuring there is no clot. Iím trying to very hard to relax and not rush to the emergency room tonight because of this chest pain. Iím scheduled to get a 24 hour heart monitor on Monday because of my constant heart rate although the cardiologist thinks this is all anxiety and doing the monitor for my peace of mind not because he thinks I need it. Iím constantly checking my heart and oxygen levels and Iím just so scared that itís a PE and going misdiagnosed. Can this chest pain be from anxiety?