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Thread: Had a major panic attack through the night - help

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    Had a major panic attack through the night - help

    Iíve been feeling really down and increased anxiety for a few weeks. Have been on sertraline for 5 years after severe PND. Started tapering at the beginning of last year, all fine but really started to feel low in November. Last night I had a panic attack, not had one like this since 2013. I can still feel the panic bubbling under the surface, been running back and forth to toilet for hours. Iím so scared this is all coming back, I just donít know what to do. I talked to my husband this morning, trying to tell him how bad Iíve been feeling and he was literally silent. The only thing he said was I spend too much time on my phone and need to get out the house. I sat there crying my eyes out and he didnít hug or comfort me. I use my phone as a distraction if Iím feeling anxious, it kind of helps me get out of my head. I found some old diazepam in a drawer but it was out of date. Not got doctor until Thursday.

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    Re: Had a major panic attack through the night - help

    Sorry to hear that you're having a relapse Claire. It can feel very frightening but just remember that it is only a horrible feeling, you're still a capable person who is just feeling overwhelmed. To me, it sounds like you're in need of some support and reassurance. Sadly, it doesn't sound like your husband is there for you (I know how rubbish that feels..). Can you seek out support groups in your area, confide in friends or family? Your doc will give you the best advice re meds and hopefully offer you some talking therapy. Try not to fret about it all 'coming back'. I've had relapses since my first awful bout of anxiety and I find that, having had the experience and education of living with this for years now, relapses rarely last as long or get as bad as the first one. You might not feel like it atm but you know how to handle this and you'll be just fine if you do the right things that work for you x
    But I won't cry for yesterday, there's an ordinary world somehow I have to find. And as I try to make my way to the ordinary world I will learn to survive.

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    Re: Had a major panic attack through the night - help

    Thanks for getting back to me. Had a longer chat with husband this afternoon and I think he understands more. Iím feeling a little better now, just drained, forgot how exhausting this is.

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    Re: Had a major panic attack through the night - help

    Hi Claire, so sorry you've relapsed. I have just joined the forum for the same reason, first panic attack (and intrusive thoughts) for about 10 years.
    I don't have any advice but just wanted to let you know we're going through it together.

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    Re: Had a major panic attack through the night - help

    Sorry to hear that you are not getting the support that you seek from your husband, but often our closest loved ones aren't sure how to handle what we are going through. Here are my thoughts (1) If you need a hug from your husband you may need to ask directly (our loved ones are not mind readers) and are usually doing their best (2) if you wrote down all of the things that helped you before when you were able to reduce and eliminate your panic start doing those, right now (3) if you didn't write them down here is a start (a) do diaphragmatic breathing 10x a day, 1 minute each (this will start getting your body out of it's hyper aroused state (2) avoid caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and sugar (all make anxiety worse) (3) know that you have everything to get out of this and you will (4) don't believe everything you think or feel...they are just words passing through your head and sensations in your body. They don't have to mean anything and they don't have to have a story (5)be gentle with yourself and others. Hope you feel better soon!!

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