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    Dr Claire Weekes

    Hi all,

    I saw someone on here recommend a book by Claire Weekes called “self-help for your nerves”. I can’t remember who recommended it, sorry! But wanted to say thank you as it is a brilliant book! It seems like it would be great for anyone suffering with any degree of anxiety and/or stress.

    So thanks again and I would definitely advise anyone who hasn’t read it to give it a go. I picked it up for less than £7 online.



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    Re: Dr Claire Weekes

    Thanks to Dr. Claire Weekes I was able to beat my anxiety the first time around. This time I am reading her books again, as well as DARE by Barry McDonaugh. Both excellent.

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    Re: Dr Claire Weekes

    I'm a huge fan of her methods and ideologies - the books are dated now, wording has changed for various conditions/symptoms over the decades and we can tell they are 'old books'. However, I honestly think that many books that follow her are just using the same effective methods but written in a more updated style, just elaboration of her ideas. She was the godmother of self-help for anxiety!

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