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    Live Tv discussion (Hunted)

    In the Chat room we like to use TV programmes as a distraction and will sometimes watch the tv programme together and discuss it as we watch it.

    In the past we have watched The Apprentice, The Circle, Celebrity Hunted and even Lego Masters.

    We would like to invite you to the chat room on a thursday evening at 9pm to watch 'Hunted' with us on Channel 4 ... We may open a new chat room from the main room to do this or we may stay in main chat, depending on how many people there are.....

    We are aware than members from other countries may feel a bit left out that they are not able to join in the conversations BUT we will not just be talking about the tv programme we are watching, we fit in normal chat room chat while there is not so much happening in the programme, so you are all more than welcome to join us.

    For those who don't know what Hunted is........

    The new series of Hunted Starts on Thursday, January 10 at 9pm on
    Channel 4

    Ten British citizens are given fugitive status and go on the run. For up to 28 days they must evade capture from some of the world's best investigators. As they soon find out, hiding in the UK isn't easy when everything they do leaves a trail.

    It will be on for several weeks as the couples try to evade capture while the investigators use tracking, ANPR and other methods to try to hunt them down.

    The last programme, follows the remaining contestants as they try to get to an extraction point where they will 'escape the country' and win the prize money.

    It is a good watch, hope you can join us

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