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Thread: Extreme Fatigue

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    Extreme Fatigue

    For the past couple weeks I have been insanely tired and sleeping so much it's actually causing problems with my wife and I. The constant feeling of being overly tired is really starting to worry me. Could this be anxiety related? Does anyone else feel this way, if so what do you do to combat it?

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    Re: Extreme Fatigue

    Do you have kids? I have three in the home, and have another every other weekend. I work full time, but I work from home. Still, I rarely feel like I slept enough. Even on weekends when I may sleep 8.5-9hrs. Depends on age and other factors as well.

    If it's abnormal for you, it wouldn't hurt to talk to your doctor about it. That doesn't mean there has to be a serious cause, but it can still be worth a discussion. They can probably help you identify a cause, as well as how to correct it.

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    Re: Extreme Fatigue

    I have 1 child. I just started working a late swing shift but I'm still sleeping quite a bit and just dont feel rested at all. I think I may make a visit to my doctor. Thanks for the response.

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    Re: Extreme Fatigue

    Have you worked swing before or is this a change for you? I work swing (4pm-midnight) and my sleeping schedule is definitely different from most people who work 9-5 or stay at home, I usually don’t get to bed until around 3 and if I get up before 10:30/11 I’m usually dragging that day

    If this shift is new to you it’s possible that that could be a source of the fatigue, try setting yourself up with a decent sleep/wake schedule and see how it goes, and if you haven’t been working this shift long it can take a while to adjust in general, when I was a kid my stepdad switched from nights to days and it took him ages to not be falling asleep randomly and napping a lot

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    Re: Extreme Fatigue

    Yep, I agree that the swing shift may also contribute to it. Like I said, I still don't feel well rested no matter how much I sleep. It's not as abnormal as one may think. :P But yeah, talk to your doc about it, they can help. Out of curiosity, have you tried something like melatonin? I don't have any personal experience with it, but I've known several people to take it and it seems to do the trick for them. Maybe ask the doc about that, too.

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    Re: Extreme Fatigue

    A child and late nights could explain it ... and the anxiety is making it seem worse than it is. I have a child, work late, and every 2 weeks have my 4 nephews for the weekend (one is 6 months). It takes me a good week to recovery properly.
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    Re: Extreme Fatigue

    Changing your routine is probably the blame even though it doesn't seem like you're sleeping less. Also, stress and anxiety completely depletes me. My anxiety spiked yesterday and this morning and I actually fell asleep on the couch while my 4 year old watched TV today, which is so out of the ordinary for me.

    One thing you may consider, though, is a sinus infection. I learned recently that extreme tiredness can be the only symptom, and in one study (my doctor told me, I swear I didn't google!) it was found to be the number one diagnostic indicator of a sinus infection, well above facial pain, which is the standard now. I was SO SO SO tired over the summer and had ear pressure (normal for me) that got worse than usual. After antibiotics for the ear I felt like a new person in terms of energy, etc... So, it's suspected I also had a sinus infection even without any traditional symptoms.

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    Re: Extreme Fatigue

    When I am stressed or suffering from anxiety this is my number one symptom and often the last to go. I usually have quite good energy but there have been a number of times when I've self diagnosed myself with chronic fatigue syndrome because the fatigue has been so intense over a period of weeks. For me it gradually improves, usually when I stop thinking about it. For me being very tired is an anxiety trigger so when it happens I obsess over it and then it won't go away and I get stuck in an anxiey cycle with it. I've had blood tests and all sorts but for me anxiety has always been the culprit.

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