Hi all was on Fluoxetine about 3 years ago for anxiety, dizziness and panic attacks which were happening in public places and when in social situations. The Flux seemed to help greatly to the extent i came off about a year ago and also due the fact it had raised my Cholesterol level. I was fine for about 6 months until the dreaded symptoms came back again.
This time I tried some natural remedies and CBT but unfortunately neither helped/worked. I have now been back on Flux for 8 weeks, 1 week at 10mg and now 7 weeks at 20mg, and unfortunately no improvement at all and has actually got a lot worse to the extent I am constantly suffering from strong anxiety and feeling very helpless to the extent I think I'm becoming acrophobic, as I don't want to leave the house and just sit on the sofa watching tv! Also family life suffering as I am so down all the time.
Last week I have had the week from hell where the anxiety is through the roof and much worse than the start up symptoms also suffering with morning nausea, constant lightheaded faint feelings and strange jaw discomfort.
I have a docs appoint on Tues, but looking for a bit of advice before I go as to whether I should hold on, increase dose or look at switching, was thinking of trying Citalopram if I do.

Any help would be most gratefully received