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Thread: Anxiety with my own age group

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    Anxiety with my own age group

    I've realised the people I have the most anxiety around are people around my own age group- I think this is perhaps because I feel left behind by them in many respects, and therefore I judge myself harshly and assume they jusdge me just as harshly. I was just wondering if anyone else's anxiety is at its worst when they're with people of a similar age?

    Thanks, Mark.
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    Re: Anxiety with my own age group

    I think it's going to be pretty common in various guises, Mark. Aside from the pressure you mention I'll bet some find it harder as your own age group encompass those you are more likely attracted too when outside of that circle other age groups bring less pressure as they aren't presumed to be on your radar.

    The comparison issue makes sense to me. The whole status anxiety thing rears it's head.
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    Re: Anxiety with my own age group

    I feel the same! Often feel like a child compared to my friends as I don't drive and still live with my parents, they are all married with homes and cars. When I'm with them I tend to stay quiet during a lot of the conversations as I feel I've nothing to contribute. You're definitely not alone there!
    I would never ask them, but I believe they would think I was silly for thinking such a thing. But I, like you, judge myself very harshly x

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