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Thread: Work Related Panic and Stress

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    Unhappy Work Related Panic and Stress

    Hey guys,

    Haven't been on in a long time. Things have been good until recently or possibly I have avoided my trigger. But basically I'm looking a hug or an it will be alright or even a you can do it.

    I work in IT and am good at my job but have been here for 10yrs. Recently a new rule came in about taking leave in the summer - there are 3 weeks where its banned. My wife has difficulty getting leave at the start of the summer so its going to be an issue. When I was told the panic just kicked in even though in some ways this is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. It triggered my fear of moving job, not being good enough etc etc etc.

    I eventually after over a week got this back into perspective and was actually feeling pretty positive about things. Then today a colleague came back and our holidays clash and I can feel it starting to rise up inside again.

    I'm scared to stay here and never get time off in the summer again and I'm scared to move job in case its worse!

    With 2 kids work life balance is the most important thing to me. My passion is spending time with them. What if I mess it up?

    Hugs, advice, etc all welcome.
    I will NOT live in fear!

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    Re: Work Related Panic and Stress

    Virtual hug!!

    Ugh that sounds really annoying and stressful. What was the policy beforehand? Could you take holiday at any time of the year? When did you normally take it? Have you spoken to your wife about it?

    If you've been at the company 10 years and you're thinking of leaving over this - what do you think your bosses would say about that? It sounds really unfair. What is their reason for doing this? It's especially unfair on those who have children as you can only go away on school holidays.

    Whatever happens - you CAN get through this. I'm sure there will be a way to work it out somehow. Anxiety makes any problem seem much worse than it really is.
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    Re: Work Related Panic and Stress

    You know you are right - this is annoying but not a reason to have anxiety or panic attacks. That's the bit of this whole thing I hate. It's when you know a situation is not as bad as your feelings are making them out to be but can't do anything about it!

    Your head works round it and the dread just doesn't go! I was put on citalopram just after Christmas so am about wk 2/3 on it and know that it can cause heightened anxiety as one of the side effects so its probably not helping yet.

    Thanks for the virtual hug!
    I will NOT live in fear!

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