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Thread: Lack of bowel movements. IBS or something else?

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    Lack of bowel movements. IBS or something else?

    i will start by saying, I have never been someone who has regular bowel movements, for e.g everyday. I wish I could, it would be amazing. in the past I have gone some weeks where I've been regular, but generally I've never been like that.

    One thing I will say is that I practice intermittent fasting. I will generally go sometimes 20 hours without food, then have a meal and that's it. I don't eat breakfast as it makes me feel sluggish. I have practiced fasting for the past maybe 4/5 years.

    I remember years ago the doctor told me I likely have IBS. My dad suffered IBS which then evolved into ulcerated collitis, which then got worse and he now has a colostomy bag. I worry about that, so that is a concern. My dad had opposite to me though, he was going too much which got worse.

    People have said stress/anxiety can negatively affect bowel movements/digestive system. My friends mother also told me she suffers from lack of bowell movements too when she is stressed.

    My friend's mum gave me some stuff she got called Lactulose which is for constipation. I haven't used it yet. I usually use dulcolax which helps, but don't want to have to rely on medication to help me go.

    My digestive system is weird. Does anybody else have similar issues?

    Thanks guys in advance. Appreciate any advice.

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    Re: Lack of bowel movements. IBS or something else?


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    Re: Lack of bowel movements. IBS or something else?

    I have IBS, and I swing back and forth between diarrhea when I'm extremely stressed to my normal state of constipation. To make matters worse, I take a medication that has constipation as a side effect!

    IBS can manifest itself in different ways - I had a coworker who had IBS, and when she was stressed, she always ended up constipated instead of having diarrhea.

    I've also done intermittent fasting, and although I like the way I feel overall on that diet, I think the lack of regular meals throughout the day does make the constipation worse.

    I've had good luck with diet changes for constipation. Prune juice works, if you drink it consistently. It takes a while to find the magic amount that gets things moving without creating stomach upset from too much sorbitol. Around 3/4 of a cup each night seems to work well.

    I've also had good luck with canned pumpkin, which is the time tested remedy for constipation in dogs. I was drinking a pumpkin smoothie made with skim milk each night for a while. Not everyone likes pumpkin as much as I do, though.

    I've been meaning to try psyllium, but haven't gotten around to it.

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