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Thread: Setback/increase in Pregabalin?

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    Re: Setback/increase in Pregabalin?

    Exercise and diet is very important. Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine are all very bad for anxiety. Some have had success cutting out sugar - look up Ali Miller and Sarah Wilson.

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    Re: Setback/increase in Pregabalin?

    Thanks Miracleboy. I don't drink because I am frightened of alcohol's effects and my mother was an alcoholic. I don't even tolerate being around drinkers very well. I only drink tea so I could look at decaff. Thanks for the tips.

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    Re: Setback/increase in Pregabalin?

    Hi guys,

    Thank you for your recommendations, I've been looking at trying yoga for a while so have finally bought a yoga mat so I can try it, hopefully that will help. I gave up smoking a couple of years ago and it's definitely fo the better, as well as limiting alcohol if you do drink as as miracleboy says it can have a real detrimental affect. I've given up caffeine recently but love the taste of coffee so I've switched to decaff. You can definitely get decaff tea Greycylinder, it's usually on the bottom shelf in the supermarket just to make it that much harder to find . I'll certainly look at the sugar article as well thank you, chocolate is the hardest thing to give up!

    I was sent this article about the RAIN technique which is based on mindfulness which I'm trying to apply, thought it might be worth sharing incase it can provide anyone else with an extra resource:

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