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Thread: reassurance needed

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    reassurance needed

    Just looking for some words of encouragement from anyone on fluoxetine,
    I've been on 20mg for 13 weeks now, my anxiety is a bit better but my low mood remains, i really don't want to up my dose and would just like a bit of reassurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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    Re: reassurance needed

    I have been on Prozac since April1.. and it took a while to get to a therapeutic dose. I eventually went up to 30 mg and I have stayed at this constant for four months now and have felt better than ever. Talk to your doctor and be honest, that is the best piece of advice I can give. I plateaued around 15 weeks so it sounds like you need to up a bit.

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    Re: reassurance needed

    thanks for replying, I'm on week 14 now and my mood seems to have lifted a little bit, I'm just hoping it continues to do so, it scares me the thought of upping the dose as i had terrible side effects when first starting them and i don't want to have to go through that again, did you get any more side effects when you upped your dose?

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    Re: reassurance needed

    I didn't really see a difference when uping my dose side effect wise. I was also concerned and my doctor reassured me by saying that our bodies have already adjusted to the medicine so a slight bump up does not "set you back" on the side effect table. And just a side note, since we are such highly sensitive individuals, we are more likely to notice side effects and manifest them in our minds to be worse than they actually are. Stay positive!

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    Re: reassurance needed

    hi there, i still have't plucked up the courage to up my dose, but have an appointment in 2 weeks and i think i'm going to have to as i still feel no better and i can't go on like this.
    How are you doing? x

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