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Thread: Body language

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    Body language

    Hi, while doing my course i was told that when people communicate with other. Its 7% verbal and 93% body language, so thats made me think if i have a positive body language. Its should'nt matter if you don't have much to say. Do you think this is true?


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    Re: Body language

    Hi Stu,

    Ohhh, this has got me thinking now, what does positive body language look like???????????? ohhh would like to know that one. So now, you have got me thinking, there are times I feel I have nothing to say, ohh work on that one all the time, my godness, there are times when I don't shut up, this makes me think that the way I'm trying to change my thought pattens in certain situtaion must be working but sometimes I fail, and mmmmmmmmmmm, can't think what to say, so would love to learn the positive body language.

    Sorry I don't have the answer, maybe as long as you join in the conversation a little, thats what counts. If your body language is saying, YES, you are intrested, keep talking, I am listening, mmmm, me thinks maybe body language does pay a big part.

    But, if your body language, is different somehow, you may NOT look intrested,so the person gets fed up talking to you.

    Maybe if we learn more positive body language, we may feel more confident, ohhh someting to think about and something for me to look into,

    Ohhh thank you soo much,

    Hope someone else pops along with there views on this one.


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    Re: Body language

    I'm in sales and body language definately says more than words.
    A person can be saying yes while their attitude and posture say no.
    It's a bit involved to explain here but maybe you could find something on the web that will go into a bit of detail.
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    Re: Body language

    I dont think we would all have much fun just sitting there with the right body language. I am sure at the end of the day as long as your comfortable with the person your with then it doesnt matter. I am messed up enough without worrying where I put my hands or arms or if I give enough eye contact. I think as log as I leave my chainsaw in the garage its cool

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    Re: Body language

    You have a chainsaw?
    Can I borrow it?I would love to take it to a few people at work
    Don't believe everything you think.

    Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.

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