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Thread: Morning struggles

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    Morning struggles

    So I am struggling, mornings and 3-6pm are my worse times of the day. I wake up with dread, dazed, nausea and I just cry. 3-6pm I have the same feeling. I'm on week 3 know of 50mg sertraline. Any advise appreciated ty

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    Re: Morning struggles

    Hi Chris, keep going it does get better. I think it must have been about week 6 when I was on Sertraline that the side effects finally eased up on me. If worried have a review with your doctor as the amount you are on might need adjusting.

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    Re: Morning struggles

    Im just struggling �� taking kids school then off to work then home do school run 3-6pm is my worst time aswell. Did you take your meds evening or morning? I've cancelled a family lunch tomo because i just can't face it. I'm awaiting Dr call because I've requested FBC as I just want check if I'm not lacking anything, then at least I know it's the meds if I come back all clear. Just want feel normal and enjoy being a 33 year old. Ty for replying Graceski

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    Re: Morning struggles

    I took mine in the morning. I found taking them in the evening caused me to keep waking up in the middle of the night feeling spaced out.

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    Re: Morning struggles

    I will skip tonight's and start taking in morning see how it goes

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    Re: Morning struggles

    Good morning!

    Part of the reason you feel worse in the morning is because of the Cortisol awakening response (CAR). This is a really important function of the body whereby cortisol- a hormone similar to adrenaline- is fed in to the body to make us bright and alert, ready to get on with our day. This was especially essential for our caveman ancestors.

    Whilst you are in an acute phase of anxiety (early on in sertraline treatment for example), this CAR response can trigger feelings of anxiety.

    I know this for a fact as Iíve been through this several times. I was feeling much better after a bout of anxiety before Xmas that I had recovered from but then was retriggered by work stress.

    Anyway, these intense feelings subside as the brain calms down both naturally and as a result of the sertraline balancing and becoming therapeutic.

    In the meantime, reduce your stressors, practice mindfulness meditation in the morning- the headspace app is great!, go for a walk and accept that youíll feel crappy for a while but it will 100% pass (within a few weeks/couple of months depending on your treatment).

    All the best!

    Ps- here are some good links: Claire Weekes- this woman really knew what she was talking about.

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    Re: Morning struggles

    Thank you just2kisses i have looked into these links this morning, good to know. So I awake at 9am (my boys let me have a lie in) I got straight up and had a cuppa (decafe) and took my meds I then had a little bowl shreddies, i also read just2kisses links and I did a 1min meditation an I've cleaned upstairs and downstairs. I still feel sketchy but I've just got on with it. My husband has gone out to Motox, my mother is coming over today to do dinner so I'm just chilling in my onsie and watching Kardasians.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.

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    Re: Morning struggles

    Thatís great!
    Itís early days so be gentle to yourself but I promise you it gets better!
    Make sure you keep up the meditation and possibly look at CBT too.

    I have recovered to my normal self each and every time Iíve had panic/anxiety- The only reason Iíve had any relapses is because Iíve not been taking care of myself eg getting too drunk too often with the rugby lads, putting myself under too much undue stress.

    Keep it up- youíll be rock n roll before you know it. Also check out ďwonderbroĒ on YouTube- speaks a lot of sense and inspired by Claire Weekes!

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    Re: Morning struggles

    Ty, I did another after a shower so today has been the beat day I've had in 4 weeks "). I'll keep you posted.

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    Re: Morning struggles

    I feel so sick and shaky/sketchy today and forgetful is this a common side affect??

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