Hello NMP Hope you're all well. Wanted to ask anyone who's had experience of Venlafaxine or similar if they've experienced odd side-effects after a fairly long time of taking them? I've been on V for 8 months and 2 months ago started getting feelings of mania a few hours after taking Ven tablet, like I was jumpy, twitchy, agitated, sweating, wide eyed - it really wasn't a problem until recently. I've been brought down from 225mg to 187.5mg 2 months ago, and then very recently from 187.5 down to 150mg, as the manic over-stimulated feeling wouldn't stop - I was prescribed Lorazepam to help control the worst of it. Does anyone know the best dosage on Ven. for anxiety? Or is Venlafaxine just not the right thing for an overly-anxious person like me?!?! (I also take Mirtazipine at night. I don't think these side effects are because of the M. because it takes away the agitated feelings and allows me to feel better and sleep..)