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Thread: Abnormal chest x ray

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    Abnormal chest x ray

    Hi all! Haven't posted in awhile. Good news is all of my fluctuating blood work from last year is normal for now and I've been better about managing my chronic pain. Still have rough days of course but making progress! Bad news is I've been having shortness of breath when trying to sleep at night. Gets better as long as I'm active but as soon as I lay down my chest and throat tighten. Had a chest x ray today at urgent care. and the dr said it looks like the early stages of COPD. He says I'm only 36 so its reversible but previous 20 years of smoking caught up to me. He referred me to a pulmonary doctor for lung function tests. I had these done 3 years ago and they were normal but then again my chest x ray 6 months ago was also normal. I'm really embarrassed and scared. This is my own fault. We have been trying to get pregnant, but now I'm scared to bring a child into this world with a mom who has lung disease and might not be around long enough. I was hysterically crying earlier, but my boyfriend isn't too concerned, just says it's my wake up call to take better care of myself. They gave me an inhaler and it makes me jittery, not sure which is worse, to be jittery or unable to breathe well. Anyway needed to vent this out. Appreciate any advice, have already quit smoking.

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    Re: Abnormal chest x ray

    Good for you on quitting smoking. And don't beat yourself up, love yourself, be good to yourself. How were you able to quit? I've got lung ct next week. I have small nodule that has to be monitored. This has really sent my anxiety to extreme levels. Take care.

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    Re: Abnormal chest x ray

    I'm only 36 so its reversible
    OK, so yeah, 36 is on the younger end of the start of COPD, but this statement is the important one. You've taken the first step with giving up smoking, and now you can formulate a plan on how to address your health problem with the support of the doctors. Reversible is a very good thing to hear ! - it will take some effort, some lifestyle changes but if you do those then....hurrahhh!

    As for the pregnancy issue - why not ask the advice of your doctor/s as to if you should wait until you are in better physical condition ( X months ?) or if its ok to go ahead now ?

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