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Thread: MS or Benzo Withdrawl???

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    MS or Benzo Withdrawl???

    Hi, everyone! I’ve had Health Anxiety for a while. I was put on Klonopin 0.5mg 2x daily earlier this year. I stopped cold turkey after 3 weeks of use back in March with no big issues. Well this go around I used it for about 10 weeks and stepped down to 0.5mg before bed for about a week and then nothing. That was 7 days ago when I stopped and I’ve developed restless legs, brain fog, headache, Paresthesia, cloni jerking, etc. I’m starting to think I may have MS though as I’ve had these issues before. Anyone else ever taper of Klonopin?

    *Update* woke up this morning startled... whole body was SUPER tense and I honestly thought there was someone in the house! Is there any way this could just be from the Klonopin withdrawal?
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