It's been a long few months. I've been on 20mg of Citalopram for 8 years now for GA. It worked amazing, was able to do things I never thought I could do. Traveled, got married, my wife had two boys, started a career. The last two years have been very hectic with a lot of changes, good and bad. I wont get into detail about that. I think it all caught up to me this past september when I had very bad anxiety and a few panic attacks. I talked to my GP and she recommended I upped my Citalopram to 30mg. After a hard first night, it kicked in and I felt back to myself. Life got back to normal for a few weeks, then I went out and had a few to many drinks one night and it all came back. I pushed on and after another couple weeks things went back to normal and I felt great. Come Thanksgiving weekend and everything was good, but im stupid and had too many drinks again with family and once again all the anxiety came back for a few weeks. I then looked at myself hard in the mirror and said “that's it” I vowed to put my mental health first and not touch a drink. Things again got back to normal, felt good. Christmas came and for no reason so did my Anxiety, only difference was there was no drinks involved. After the new year the anxiety went down and I scheduled some sessions with a CBT therapist. The couple weeks were good until this past weeked the anxiety came back again, not as strong but just lingering. Need some advice, do you think these spikes in anxiety are just blips? Im I still getting used the med increase? Should I go higher or lower? Do I need to switch meds? I read somewhere that when you drink on Citalopram that the alcohol depletes the Citalopram build up and you are basically starting from square one after you drink to build it back up on your system. It's been two months without a drink so I would think It would be built up by now. Thanks