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Thread: So I think I'm going on a date?

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    So I think I'm going on a date?


    I'm late 20s, developed bad anxiety like a decade ago and have mostly avoided life since then. Few months ago some "stuff" occured which was a wake up call, I started being a bit more impulsive, doing stuff I wanted to do, try to care less about the things that bothered me.

    This whole "go get what you want" attitude has actually gone really well so far.

    I haven't got many friends or social connections so I joined some dating apps on a whim.

    I got talking to a nice guy on one of them who has some confidence issues of his own, slightly divorced from my own. We're meeting up tomorrow which I pushed for, but now we've got a time and place and everything it's all feeling a bit real. I never really dated properly before all my issues started so this is kind of my first actual date ever.

    Right now I wanna curl up in a little ball and sleep forever, anything to avoid all the awkward. I'm sure once im there in the moment I'll be fine and I think I'll like him a lot, but the build up is killing me.

    Any thoughts or tips or advice to calm down?

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    Re: So I think I'm going on a date?

    Well done you for going for it! I had a similar experience in the last year. I even posted about it. Was on a dating website at a time my anxiety was quite bad and was asked on a date. At that time unfortunately I couldn't go through with it but later on I met someone else and really pushed myself to go for it. I'm now in a happy relationship after being single for so long

    Go for it honestly it will be worth it and will give you so much confidence. Try not to overthink it. Let us know how it goes?

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