Hi guys, so the last couple nights I have been smelling smoke. The first night I smelt it, I was adament it wasn't me because I smelt it on my landing in and in my bedroom, so opened my bedroom windows (had them on crack) and took a sniff and it stunk of something burning.

Last night again I smelt similar, but what made me more paranoid it didn't smell as strong last night, but I took a sniff out the front door and it did smell of smoke faintly so checked outside my bedroom windows and not much smell at all, but maybe a slight smell of smoke. It's hard to know whether I am smelling something that isn't or if someone is burning something nearby. I live in a semi-rural area surrounded by farms etc, so maybe someone is burning something I don't know.

Apart from the last couple nights, I have not smelt burning at all. I was thinking that maybe it could be the boiler as been having issues with it for a few weeks, where's it's lost pressure than I have had to repressurise it.

I share a place with my cousin, but he's not home much as spends a lot of time with his girlfriend so I am often on my own and it makes me paranoid that I'm smelling this. Today I haven't smelt burning at all and I am thinking "is it me? Am I going mad?" haha. You google "smelling smoke" and it comes up with worrying stuff so I've avoided google searches and just staying away from diagnosing things.

I have been suffering from anxiety/depression and panic attacks for many years. I turned 30 in August and have had anxiety since my early 20's. It has often affected my life in a big way as I have spent a lot of time long term unemployed due to my mental health issues. Anyway, recently (past few weeks) I have been very anxious.

I haven't been exercising as much as I used to and I'm just a bit frustrated. I have been experiencing panic attacks (only mild/moderate ones) and thinking that everything I am paranoid about is my anxiety playing with my mind. I have so many symptoms with panic attacks, it worries me when I experiencing something different.

I obviously hope it's nothing sinister. I occasionally google symptoms and I know it's the worse thing someone with anxiety can do as all kinds of things come up. I have no out of ordinary symptoms that aren't common with anxiety, so I think my anxiety and head are playing tricks with me.

I didn't want to write this out, but was feeling very anxious that I had smell issues the last couple nights. Maybe it is someone burning something outside like my cousin.