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Thread: New to propranolol

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    New to propranolol

    My GP gave me propranolol on Monday. Iíve recently upped my dose of sertraline back up to 100mg. Was feeling good last week but since the weekend Iíve had awful anxiety and trouble sleeping. The GP didnít really explain how to take the propranolol, just said when I felt like I needed it. Well, Iím sitting here at 12.30am, canít sleep and just taken one to try and calm down. Iím at my wits end. Iím so tired but canít switch off. Iíve been on sertraline for five years, was down to 50mg for a year but have had a replapse so gone back up.

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    Re: New to propranolol

    Hmm. Propranolol interfered with my sleep when I first started it. Best to take it early evening, not before bed. It is also only effective for physical symptoms of anxiety.

    I would speak to doc again if anxiety and sleep problems continue.

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