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Thread: Was a Terrible Medical Error Made? So Afraid

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    Was a Terrible Medical Error Made? So Afraid

    I suffer from severe depression, anxiety,Agoraphobia, and chronic pain ( mostly in wheelchair or walker) I did neglect my teeth, and paid a horrible price. I petrified I contracted bacterium (means very bad infection or worse sepsis!

    In November of 2018 ..Believe it or not it's been going on this long, I wrote two other posts about it, I had a loose throbbing tooth, I am practically housebound due too chronic pain agoraphobia so I he a " house call mobile dentist come to my home for extraction, that's how bad I was, she ended up pulling SIX teeth?! Instead of the one or possibly two, probably for the money, she "disappeared" the next month, never got follow up, flippers or dentures, weeks and weeks of pain, suffering and tears. Finally found another dentist, highly recommend, came did impressions, he did them wrong and I had to do over and pay again, finally got partials, but then he told me I need. Cleaning, must go to office very far away. Couldn't go, and lost trust in him anyway and no more money.

    I have Periodontal disease, slight bone loss. Somehow someway went too dentist a few days ago, I cried and panicked the whole way, but by some miracle got in dental chair..hygienist was nice and felt very little pain at all, Dentist glad prescribed antibiotics, so I had taken the amoxicillian for five days was "supposed" to be deep partial "quadrant cleaning" At the very end, I found out she just did a regular cleaning?! That s not what Dr ordered, he was out of town, another dentist there, but left early before I was done.

    I must have the worst luck with dentists! My question is...I read this on computer, that you should NOT get just a regular cleaning if you have periodontal problems, only Deep rooting and scaling, ,because harmful infections like sepsis and "bacterium", never even heard of that one!, and sepsis released in blood and cause death!? Some dentists refuse to clean a patient's teeth with periodontal disease because not safe and make them sign a waiver. I thought I WAS having deep quadrant cleaning, that's why I went. Hygienist said paper said just standard regular cleaning. A mistake was made, the office manager did not even charge me for cleaning and x-ray, which is unheard of, perhaps because knew mistake was done . And if it was I will be pay for it! Eyes want me back in a few weeks to do deep clean quadrant, but if I live I afraid. But right now my main fear is terrible infection.....amoxicillin does not work against ..sepsis or bacterium! Did anyone ever go on antibotic for just regular clean, that had to back a few weeks later for two separate quadrant cleaning? I have been missing 6 teeth for over a year, it's sounds like some twisted joke but it's not, and it feeds the agoraphobia and its SO hard dealing with the chronic pain. I'm so afraid of dying and leaving my son, my husband barely speaks to me unless to yell or criticize. I don't eve feel like a human being anymore, much less a woman, I feel ghastly, grotesque, ugly, crippled and dead. I cry everyday. I talk to a therapist, whom I like, but maybe I'm a lost cause, my doctor is no help. I pray to God in tears every night for just somewhat healing. Now I have to live with the fear of bacteria flooding my body. Praying the ten day course amoxicillian works, but sepsis scares me. My klonopin is not working. I stay in bed to avoid the panic attacks and hell my life has become. If anyone can help me please with my fears about this dental disaster, please I would be grateful for advice and prayers. I'm having chest pains from the stress. I just want too sleep and sleep, I know I've probably suffered a breakdown. This dental periodontal disease ( and the dentist said it can real hurt your body. I'm Sorry this post this was so long, please forgive. Thank you very much. Francesca.

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    Re: Was a Terrible Medical Error Made? So Afraid

    Please forgive typo errors..very sick and shaky while writing.

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    Re: Was a Terrible Medical Error Made? So Afraid

    you will be fine......there is no reason why you would suffer any sort of infection. Keep up your dental hygeine routine, brushing etc
    Emmz xx

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    Re: Was a Terrible Medical Error Made? So Afraid

    Thank you Venus for your reply, I was getting worried that my situation was dire. I'm not afraid of infection, probably now, but the reason the dentist put me on 10 Days antibiotics...5 days before appt..5 days after, I'm on day 8 now, was to have a DEEP GUM CLEANING, hygienist just gave basic cleaning, but instructions were for deep, Dentist was not there,a dentist was there but very curt quick and then he left?! So all that was there was 2 hygienists and office manager Secretary...which worried me...if an emergency arose from me or another patient no dentist?? Now I'm afraid I will have too take ANOTHER course for the deep clean..too many antibiotics are not good I know....but neither is a terrible infection from deep gum and root/scaling! I'm terrified.

    As a housebound agorophobic it was SO hard to even get there, in a wheel chair especially, in a rainstorm, I'm amazed I did it. But I'm still in pain..the big piece of tartar is still hurts and is scaring me....I begged her too remove it...I was there, all numbed up...I think,since it was getting late she wanted too leave OR didn't want to go under humankind, or both! The instructions said "regular cleaning" but dentist wanted "DEEP CLEAN" we talked about it and he never would of put me on heavy antibiotics for just deep clean.

    Hygienist was very nice, but a mistake was made in instructions, they said I have Periodontal disease, bone loss, I could lose the rest of my teeth..already missing 6 can't wear partials because of BIG piece of tartar wedged between teeth. I feel like a crippled ugly agorophobic toothless fool! I know that's a terrible thing too say about yourself..but its true. Now I'm afraid to go back and afraid not was So hard going, and the proper work was not done and I'm still in pain! Has any members ever got a deep clean, under the gums, without an antibiotic that suffer periodontal disease...people have died from that I read...but also suffered severe infections from procedure! Any replies would help about's so very very hard living every day in physical, emotional, and mental pain. I pray everyday for, if not healing, a reduction. I have lost so much. Thank you for listening. Grateful. Thank you Venus.

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    Sorry I meant too write GUM LINE not humankind. Typo mistake. Please help.

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