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Thread: Is it bad to start celexa with inconsistent doses?

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    Is it bad to start celexa with inconsistent doses?

    Hi! I have just convinced myself to start citalopram 20mg which my doc gave me 10 days ago after being in a "dark place for a long time".
    I had some minor side effects which affected my productivity, and noticed that if i take the tablet every 2 or 3 days (48h/70h) i feel absolutely great, so much better than i have felt for maybe years. This is because it made me really drowsy, and foggy, and i sleep 10h a day and i can't afford this with a busy lifestyle.But if i take it irregularly, i feel drowsy on day 1 of taking it, and very good on day 2 of not taking it.

    My question is, is this a very bad way of starting this treatment? Is it bad for my progress and for my body and brain? Am i just fooling myself?

    Anyone else that are taking it inconsistently and have been fine with it?

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    Re: Is it bad to start celexa with inconsistent doses?

    Hello sandyskj,

    When starting citalopram, side effects are normal/common, depending on the person, which eventually subside after a number of weeks/months. I have started/stopped citalopram a few times over 20 years and always get drowsiness during the initial period.

    It may be better to start with 10mg for the 3-4 weeks, then go up to 20mg. If you do well on 10mg, you may not have to go up to 20mg. Make sure you tell your doctor.

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