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Thread: I got into law school!

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    I got into law school!

    I'm going to toot my own horn!

    Almost 5 years ago when my daughter was born I quit my job with the US State Department to be a stay at home mom. I didn't plan to do this, but I got horrible postpartum anxiety (the start of my anxiety...) and couldn't fathom commuting 1.5 hours each way from my apartment to DC and being gone from her for 12 hours at a time.

    This was a huge change in my life and really hard to deal with. I'd worked really hard for my career. I'd been there for 6 years and was on my way to promotions and supervisory roles and the big bucks.

    Since then I've struggled with what to do next. My daughter starts kindergarten in the fall. I've started a pretty successful freelance research and writing side gig, but it's not very personally fulfilling. Then, I got the idea of going to law school to become an immigration lawyer (definitely in demand these days!). I am 35, haven't been in school since 2007, and have been a full time mom for 5 years.

    But, I decided to go for it. I studied for an nailed the LSAT this past fall, got great recommendation letters from a former professor and former boss, wrote a kickass personal statement, and applied to the law school that's close to my home.

    And, last week I got in!! PLUS they offered me $10,000 a year in scholarships. I've struggled so much with anxiety over the last several years, motherhood has been so challenging, I've felt really lost at times, had no clue who I was anymore, etc... and the fact that I was able to accomplish this goal is just so incredible! I feel like I'm starting to become a real person again. Motherhood has often made me feel a bit invisible. But, I'm coming back into focus with my own path and my own goals outside of being a mom. I'm just so excited and proud of myself!

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    Re: I got into law school!

    WOW well done you and huge congratulations I hope all goes well for your future.

    Emmz xx

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    Re: I got into law school!

    Well done, Erin!

    We shall look for your name in the papers in future years when you are giving the current government a good kicking.
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    Re: I got into law school!

    Congratulations! You'll be awesome

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    Re: I got into law school!

    This is absolutely amazing! Massive well done

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    Re: I got into law school!

    HUGE congratulations!!
    Go you!!

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    Re: I got into law school!

    Amazing! That is definitely something to be celebrated, well done.

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    Re: I got into law school!

    Thank you so much, everyone!! <3

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    Re: I got into law school!

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    Re: I got into law school!

    That’s wonderful

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