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Thread: Personal diary but hope it helps other

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    Re: Personal diary but hope it helps other

    Well couldnít sleep till
    About 3:30 so went sleep down stairs braved the propranolol as I clearly had a lot of adrenaline pumping round and managed to sleep a couple of hours till I was woken up by my arm but taking it as a positive!! As at least I managed a couple of hours sleep wise !!! Bit anxious about the breathing thing but I stopped the propranolol a while ago and still have tight canít take a full breath thing going on and . But a couple of hours is amazing compared to the none on Wednesday night . I need to learn to stop the fear of not getting a full night sleep . One way is not looking at the clock ⏰ !!!

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    Re: Personal diary but hope it helps other

    Day on eback on sleeper slept okish but was dressed out by my husband tellingme he was coming home then not tell me how was having a chat with his mate first the coming home wohich resulted with me trying to sleep when he is clonking and banging about !!! Which I feel add more to the stress but foot news is I slept will till about 4 pm then again til about 7 ish !! Still waking up a bit hypo sensitive but I hoping an less stressful night going to bed may may make it easier and 7 hours sleep iisngreat for the sleep bank 😊

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    Re: Personal diary but hope it helps other

    Second sleeping pill night and tonight canít sleep always frsutrating when on a sleeping pill you canít sleep 😭 well got therapy Thursday and seeing mental health team but what I have learnt if I canít sleep lie thee and rest thatís all I can do and try to stay positive and optimistic x

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    Re: Personal diary but hope it helps other

    Zoplicline free night Iíve take half a diazepam at 7.30 pm ish a program 40 mg as I was having palpitations going up the straits I will have other half at 9:30 pm fx had therapy today itbwas tough lots of tears but husband has agreed to allow me some me time free
    Of responsibility for a day . Also trying diaphragm breathing . Did accidentally half sleep on sofa so Iím hoping it serves well do a good nights sleep as Iím
    Obviously tired got mental health clinic tomorrow so hoping theybmay offer more support sleep wise need to remember to ask for advocacy etc x

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    Re: Personal diary but hope it helps other

    Saw mental health team not much fun seems everyone push for me to leave my husband which I find hard and seem to think he is keeping me ill .This time told to take zopiclone till im sleep properly then cut down and not to have break every 3 days . Im pissed because I have been told in past had break on the 3rd day by the nurse crisis and I find when sleep
    Deprived my judgement is impaired well finger crossed 4-6 hours would be nice 😂

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    Re: Personal diary but hope it helps other

    Whoop slept right through!!!!!! Well wok up at 4 :30 and to pain killer but whoop whoop took zopiclone and 9:15 and went bed early

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