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Thread: Personal diary but hope it helps other

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    Personal diary but hope it helps other

    Decided to keep a diary of things that Iíve noticed have gone well to remind what my mind can be capable . Woke up after an not great night but good considering I had night where I have not managed tonsleep well when not on sleeping tablets so after a few hours sleep I woke up anxious and dizzy again but what I did notice is that as i pushed through my dizzy spells as the day progress the dizzy spells passed as day progress and my anxiety reduced today . Iíve also had thought time today with breathing and chest feeling tight another anxiety thing I get when I concentrate to hard on breathing techniques again some time when not thinking about it does stop till I notice 😂. Back on sleepers for another 3 days to be taken at about 9:30 and Iím hoping by time Iíve finishef them I can start sleeping on my own. Iím proud of myself as last week I was climbing the walls and this week by comparison and it important to remember the good as itís so much easier to remember the bad . I have got this ❤️

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    Re: Personal diary but hope it helps other

    Well took my pill later by accident and this morning I’m feeling very sleepy, drowsy but nuaseous and I have a bit of anxiety I’m calling this the zopiclone hanger over and I’m hopping it will pass over the course of the day and I have to rembenber I’m still catching up on sleep as yesterday I only functioned on between 2-4 hours sleep and at least I’m now sleeping with the sleeping tablets there was night I wasn’t even able to sleep on my sleepers

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    Re: Personal diary but hope it helps other

    Doing really well slept well startingbto feel human again starting doing more crafty stuff which is a bonus x

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    Re: Personal diary but hope it helps other

    Well last night was a night with out sleepers and I just ended up in a tie about sleep �� I think I must have fell a sleep in parts so I’m trying to see that as a positive and try not to get to wound up in the anxiety of it all as I think that why I’m no sleeping I could just feel the anxiety building up the more and more I tried to sleep x

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    Re: Personal diary but hope it helps other

    Feeling very low and negative today

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    Re: Personal diary but hope it helps other

    Wow last night i managed to sleep with out any sleeping tablets!!!!!!! After about two weeks of not sleeping properly I slept from about 10:30 TIL 6 am then managed to fall a sleep again after that . Have had chest tightness that has coincided with taking propranolol so had to stop that as well under medical advice of crisis team but I have to say so pleased and proud to have an un medicated sleep ( not including pain relief ) may it continue and it’s evidence in the bank that I can sleep !! And hopefully helps reduce the anxiety of sleep and overall reduce anxiety in general x

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    Re: Personal diary but hope it helps other

    More sleeps with out sleeping tablets whoop whoop still having the annoying breathing issue mainly worse when stressed so convinced anxiety but hopefully will pass x

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    Re: Personal diary but hope it helps other

    Poop not so good night sleep this was after a therapy session and lots of arguments through out day with husband and friend coming over very late and husband not reading my relaxation to me as he went out so little disappointed. It felt like I didnít sleep but I must have slept. Itís not helped by a horrid cold a dry throat and husband coming back into bed again and me getting stressed by his snoring 😴. Itís just one really crappy night it doesnít mean more to follow and should need to worry as Iíve had about two weeks of fairly good sleep so the odd night of bad shouldnít effect me to badly x x
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    Re: Personal diary but hope it helps other

    Well I was doing really well until arguments I say argument me been about at for about 20 mins and suddenly I get more depressed more anxious and agitated and resulting in no sleep tonight but I have to remember Iíve done really well sleep wise up till now!!!! Thatís amazing last bad night sleep was the 1st so thatís a solide two weeks of decent sleep !!! And even that was down to snoring husband 😂 it was the 16th so that just about a whole month with just about me crappy night till now and it mainly down to the stress Iím under . This give me hope just wish the anxiety would go and Iíd be in less fear even better if I can breath properly again I hate anxiety symptoms some times 😭

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    Re: Personal diary but hope it helps other

    Poop I canít feel my anxiety go down hill as tablet free night tonight and I donít think I slept to well on a zopiclone night. Iím feeling very frustrated with my self and trying my hardest not get to anxious but today has been a struggle 😒 well Iím going to try taking a diazepam in a bit try and calm my nerves half the fun is trying to work out when 😭

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