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Thread: Prescription stopped! :(

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    Prescription stopped! :(

    I have been prescribed Diazepam 5mg x 28 every 3 months for the last around 2-3 years. But my gp today told me the lead dr in the practice has decided they will no longer prescribe diazepam at all (they have about 10 addicted patients who are being weaned).
    I’m absolutely gutted as it’s been such a big help in my mental health/autistic anxiety over the last couple of years.
    He said it was absolute they will not budge on the decision and I was welcome to leave the practice if I wasn’t happy (thanks non taken!!). I said are they not even prescribing it as a muscle relaxant or anything and he said no.

    Do I have any options here? Are they even allowed to do this? It’s been such a helpful medication. Would I be able to get it privately and if so what are the costs involved on average?

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    Also I’m freaking out thinking I will go into withdrawal I’ve taken around 15mg-30mg per week for around 2/3 years...would withdrawal happen on this amount?
    I’d say 3 out of every 7 days I have taken diazepam.
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