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Thread: Panicking waiting for CT scan for abdominal cyst

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    Panicking waiting for CT scan for abdominal cyst

    After experiencing right side pain on and off for weeks I went for an ultrasound and they identified a 5cm cyst in my abdomen. A follow up with the GP confirmed that I've been referred for an urgent CT scan but until then they can't give me any info at all, not even any idea what it could be. Meanwhile I'm having a non stop anxiety attack!!! I'm worrying so much about what it might be but more importantly what could happen while I'm waiting for the 'urgent' scan (I've been told it could still be a few weeks). I have a fever and some pain today and now I'm completely panicking that I have an infection!!! I guess I'm looking any experience of a cyst in the abdomen and abdominal CT scans in general - not sure how I'm going to manage for the next few weeks!

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    Re: Panicking waiting for CT scan for abdominal cyst

    Hello - hi! This must be a very scary time for you. Where is the cyst? And do you know when you might be getting your scan? Waiting is so hard- the best thing you can do is surround yourself with support and time - and the uncertainty- will pass. Good luck

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    Re: Panicking waiting for CT scan for abdominal cyst

    Thanks for your kind words. All they said is the cyst is on the 'right flank, not attached to my kidney'. The GP said the CT should hopefully be in the next 2-3 weeks so fingers crossed, not having any info at all is making me panic over every little symptom!

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    Re: Panicking waiting for CT scan for abdominal cyst

    Hope it goes ok

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