Hi everyone. I am a little nervous to post here but I need to talk to others who have HA like me.

Quick background. Diagnosed OCD with major health anxiety.

Last year I had a CT scan that found an enlarged spleen. Needless to say I fell into a deep hole with this (after googling of course). Was referred to a hematologist who repeated some tests and said he found nothing suspicious and I just have a larger spleen. But since then fears about leukemia and lymphoma plague me.

Starting this past weekend my hands and feet are itching uncontrollably. And I have had a ear/sinus infection or the flu for the past 2 months with a never ending cough. So I am so worried about lymphoma I can barely stand it.

I get horrible night sweats with my Zoloft so that is no help.

If anyone can help me I would appreciate it 😢

Has anyone ever itched like this?