Hi, I know no one here can translate mri results but today I got my mri report I had done last April for headaches. Everything was described as normal but one sentence as stuck out to me and Iím in one hell of a panic and I canít control my breathing Iím so scared, itís says
ďNo significant abnormalities found in grey and white matterĒ

Now to mean that would me they did find something but it was relevant to headaches which is what I was refered for! And why would they not say normal like the other sections!

The thing Iím worried about at the moment is tingling and the fact it realates to MS, now i have this report Iím thinking that if I was refered for tingling in particular then this no significant abnormalities could actually be significant!! Iím in an absolute spin now, I googled grey and white matter and low and behold it came up with it being to do with sensory things. Iím so scared!