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Thread: Throat/Mouth Cancer Fear

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    Throat/Mouth Cancer Fear

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a new poster but have been using the forum for reassurance for some time. Today I am making my first post because my HA is going crazy to the point where Iím struggling to function.

    Around 4 weeks ago I noticed what looked like a large ulcer on the back of my throat, I expected to get a sore throat or some kind of infection after this but nothing transpired. The ulcer thing remains - it looks slightly less angry in terms of redness but it doesnít hurt itís rather skin coloured and looks a little like a burn blister, I can swallow fine and Iíve had no symptoms. It bleeds easily if I touch it (yes Iíve been prodding around!) Iíve never had an ulcer before or any kind of mouth sore.

    I should say that I have been very run down and stressed lately, I donít know is this could be a causing factor, I have been unable to sleep because of the fear of mouth cancer, I went to the Drís and got given an appointment with a nurse practitioner who didnít know what it was but gave me a Difflam throat spray - this was around 10 days ago and it hasnít changed.

    Iím a 32 year old female non smoker non drinker, I know not a typical throat cancer target but I canít stop worrying. Has anyone else experienced anything like this before?

    I do intend to make another doctors appointment now that I had used the spray for the recommended duration with no change.

    Any advice/reassurance would be so appreciated.


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    Re: Throat/Mouth Cancer Fear

    Were you tested for HPV? I know that sometimes can cause throat ulcers?

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    Re: Throat/Mouth Cancer Fear

    Look up cobblestones in throat. Does it look like that?

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    Re: Throat/Mouth Cancer Fear

    I don’t think I’ve ever been tested for HPV? Is it likely I could have it if I’ve never had a coldsore or an ulcer? I’m not very educated on this subject. Also, I have a 1 year old, would I have been screened for HPV in pregnancy?

    I’ve looked up cobblestone throat and mine doesn’t appear like the images I have seen, mine is one rather large looking ulcer which is more flesh coloured in the centre with a slight yellow tinge, this is why it to me resembles a blister from a burn.

    I can’t find any images exactly like mine and Google just keeps leading me back to throat cancer which is making me massively anxious.

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    Re: Throat/Mouth Cancer Fear

    Yes you probably would have been screened through a Pap smear. Is there a chance itís an infected tonsil stone? Have you ever had those? Or maybe just strep throat? Which actually can be symptomless. Not very common but possible.

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