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Thread: Mammogram @ 24.

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    Unhappy Mammogram @ 24.

    Hi guys

    this one is not about me, its about my partner and the mother of our 2 kids, so she has noticed a small lightly coloured circle on her breast, its around the size of a 5 pence piece,

    she went to the doctors and he had a look and he said he could not feel any lumps

    he has now asked her to go for a Mammogram, and today we had a letter saying he wants it done in the next 2 weeks,

    my anxiety has completely hit the roof, i worry about myself 24/7 but now i am in such a fear over my partner, i am so scared, she is only 24 :( i really did not think this was coming, i wish i could help some how and but im just in a ball of fear, no idea why she has that lighter skin circle come up but either way, i am in bits :(

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    Re: Mammogram @ 24.

    Is the circle just a patch on the skin, or is it more like a pucker or indentation?

    At 24, it's exceptionally unlikely that your partner will have breast cancer. According to the Cancer Research UK incidence stats, fewer than 30 women a year are diagnosed with BC under the age of 25. (And when it does occur so young, there's usually a known genetic mutation at play, following a strong family pattern of breast and related cancers, e.g. the BRCA mutation).

    Sounds like your GP is just being overzealous in referring her - two weeks is the standard NHS referral window for breast screening. In any case, she would probably end up having an ultrasound rather than a mammogram, as the density of breast tissue in women under 40 makes a mammogram less suitable.

    Last summer, my GP referred me for two-week screening because I had a recurring pain in one breast, and a small red rash, but no lumps at all (I'm 34). Needless to say, I freaked out. When I had my appointment, the breast surgeon who did a physical examination could feel nothing suspicious, and the ultrasound was completely clear.

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    Re: Mammogram @ 24.

    Hello and thanks very much for the fast response, OK so its not a pucker or indentation, it is literally just a smooth patch that is slightly lighter than the rest of the skin, he said that he wants to rule it out being BC, he said he would prefer to work from high to low rather than start at the lowest then work up to the breast screening, just not sure i believe him and obviously with my health anxiety i am worrying myself sick, and of course not knowing if my partner is scared herself is hard

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    Re: Mammogram @ 24.

    Anyone else have any info on this? still really worried for her :(

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