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Thread: Persistant weeing

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    Persistant weeing

    Hi, I've had persistant weeing for the last week, with full feeling in bladder. I did a home dip test today and it had blood and leukocytes in it. No visible blood. Not weeing at night.
    I had this last September, had normal dip test plus negative liver, CA125 and diabetes test. Symptoms cleared up within a couple of days. Doctor said it was stress. It happened around ovulation time.
    I've had loads of HA last few months. Thought I had stomach/pancreatic cancer due to burping for months etc. Symptoms cleared up in 24 hrs after doctor said it was stress.
    I'm convinced I've got bladder cancer.

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    Re: Persistant weeing

    It is not likely to be bladder cancer - there are other non serious reasons as you have been given by your doctor.

    If you are not weeing at night do you think bladder cancer would give you "time off"?

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    Re: Persistant weeing

    Maybe it’s just a UTI. Drink a lot of water and see what happens.

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