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Thread: Weird headache /ear thing :(

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    Weird headache /ear thing :(

    Hi guys,

    So I was driving and suddenly my neck felt sore, head also sore in the forehead, and all of the sudden in my left ear I heard this loud ringing (louder than Iíve ever had before). It honestly scared me. It went away within seconds but now I keep thinking the worst. Like what if I have high blood pressure or something. Iím overweight and on birth control so I worry!! :(

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    Re: Weird headache /ear thing :(

    There's just a lot of weird random stuff that happens with ears (and neck and head pain). If it went away I wouldn't worry about even figuring out what may have happened. And even if it were persistent, not likely to be anything serious.

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    Re: Weird headache /ear thing :(

    Unless it happens again I really wouldn’t focus on it and even if it does I sometimes randomly get ringing and pain every now and then in my ears and it’s never bothered me and I’m still here. Could be due to wax buildup or even a small ear infection definitely nothing sinister.

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