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Thread: Spiralling HA

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    Spiralling HA

    How do you keep a grasp on reality and maintain some semblance of self-control and calm when waiting for the next steps of a health investigation to occur? Because I'm doing a rubbish job at it.

    I've got the following:

    Lower abdominal/pelvic pain - burning, stabbing sharp sensations. Some days more than others. Mostly left side, sometimes on the right to a lesser extent and, infrequently, just above the pelvic bone. Referral to gynaecologist on 10 April. Nurse practitioner querying endometriosis. Lower abdominal scan (not transvaginal however) of ovaries done 2 years ago (almost exactly) & was clear, smear was also clear at that time.

    Back pain, predominantly on my leg hand side and goes into my buttock and hip. Some, to a lesser degree, on right hand side. Querying SI joint issues. Sometimes the nerve pain extends to the rectum (particularly concerning). A number of years of back pain, progressively worse, never scanned etc despite repeated visits to the doctor - never even touched until last week! Referred May to Rheumatologist regarding my back - waited 6 months for a 7-minute appointment where diagnosed fibromyalgia. Going to physiotherapy tomorrow and being referred back to rheumatology, albeit a different trust, for a second opinion.

    Rectal discomfort, as above, constipation (sometimes diarrhoea, depending on trigger foods). A couple of week ago I experienced horrendous rectal pain and pressure that left me unable to walk - I had to lie on the floor and wait it out for a few minutes. NP has requested FOTB.

    Full body MRI also being ordered by NP given variety of symptoms and my concerns. Also doing FBC and a few others.

    I should add that I'm on 10mg buprenorphine transdermal patches so I'm particularly concerned at feeling the pain through those. Experiencing stomach issues which, I believe (hope), are related to the anxiety - gastritis, lack of appetite etc.

    So, currently, I'm petrified of ovarian, cervical, bowel and some form of spinal cancer. April feels so far away and I'm not holding out hope that the MRI scan will be any time soon. I'm so afraid of having these tests (that I've been wanting for so long!) and it actually showing something nefarious.

    We're not going through an easy time at the moment - 2 family deaths, 1 impending and my stepfather has lung cancer that isn't responding to treatment. I've started back on Citalopram and self-referred to CBT but it feels like every moment is such hard work - like swimming through jelly - and I'm trying my best to keep my head above the water but sinking quickly.

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    Re: Spiralling HA

    I've had a lot of similar issues. I only get the pelvic pain for a week after my period ends (it seems to have to do with high estrogen that then crashes when I ovulate). I also get rectal pain and pressure and back and hip pain. I am pretty sure a lot of my issues are due to pelvic floor dysfunction. The rectal pressure absolutely can be from that. Mine is worse during that week of pelvic pressure, and when I have my period. I get a lot of heaviness in that area and sometimes it hurts when I sit down. Have you given birth? All of this happened to me in the years since having a baby. I am scheduled to see a pelvic floor physical therapist soon to get an assessment. You can get pelvic floor muscle spasms that cause a lot of pain.

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    These are both things that can be caused by pelvic floor dysfunction:

    Levator Syndrome: Levator syndrome is abnormal spasms of the muscles of the pelvic floor. Spasms may occur after having bowel movements or without a known cause. Patients often have long periods of vague, dull or achy pressure high in the rectum. These symptoms may worsen when sitting or lying down. Levator spasm is more common in women than men.

    Proctalgia Fugax: Proctalgia fugax is a sudden abnormal pain in the rectum that often awakens patients from sleep. This pain may last up to several minutes and goes away between episodes. Proctaliga fugax is thought to be caused by spasms of the rectum and/or the muscles of the pelvic floor.

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    Re: Spiralling HA

    Hi Erin, thank you for replying and the info. I really appreciate it. I haven’t given birth, no, but do wonder (hope?) that those problems are related to pelvic floor dysfunction croon or the issue I have with my SI joint. I saw the physio today, he was excellent and helped to ease some of my fears regarding my back. He did reiterate that, sometimes, back pain can refer through to the front of the pelvis and vice versa. Asked me some other questions, searching for sinister reasons for the back pain, but seemed satisfied that it’s mechanical or related to rheumatoid arthritis or something similar (my rheumatoid factor and inflammation markers were normal 9-10 months ago).

    Still struggling with the pelvic pain and discomfort however. Constipated and struggling to pass gas at the moment today - despite looser stools this morning - which of course is irritating the HA and just further proof, to my mind, that it’s something nefarious eg bowel/ovarian/cervical C. Quite an uncomfortable pressure down there which is quite distracting and doesn’t help.

    I picked up the FOTB kit today, will need to eat as per the instructions for 3 days before I can start howeve (no red meat, broccoli, etc) though it’ll be hard as I’ve completely lost my appetite. Also had the blood tests done so fingers crossed they come back normal.

    I’m doing better than the last flare up to be honest and I shouldn’t really be surprised given everything that’s going on around me - and the genuine concerns I have - I’m just so frustrated and disappointed that I’m back here again. This forum really helps and I’m tying to limit myself to this. I try googling for non-serious stuff (eg SI joint exercises, for example) but then somehow it always throws up the big C on the search results or within the pages.

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