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    If it's not HA, it's something else

    I mostly suffer from HA but when it's not HA, I am always on edge about something else. Someone suing me is a big thing these days, since I was threatened by a lawsuit from my ex-employer back in August. If not that, it is a house break in, dog getting drowned in the pool, someone hitting my car or injuring me, etc. Basically anything. I recently realized that I need to dramatically change my way of thinking, from "let me fear what's the next bad thing is going to happen to me" to "my life is beautiful, let me enjoy every minute of it". The saddest thing is, my life really is beautiful, but I am so stuck in my anxiety that I almost never get to enjoy it.

    Can anyone relate? What can I do to get myself out of this situation??? Please give me some good mental advice/tricks. I know antidepressants work, I've been on zoloft for quite a while and saw results, but it wasn't a cure or even close. It was just a bandage. I am interested to explore what can be done to fundamentally change the way I view life. Thanks sooo much and TGIF!
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    Re: If it's not HA, it's something else

    Meds are a great tool but really you need some CBT to help change your thought patterns. I’ve started back on Citalopram and self-referred back to counselling for CBT. It works wonders.

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