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Thread: Viewing threads that I have been part of

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    Viewing threads that I have been part of


    I used to be able to look at a list of threads that I was part of, and easily see if there were any new replies on any of the threads.

    Now I can either see only threads I started, or a list of posts I made. This doesn't tell me if there are any new replies after my post.

    Is there still a way of seeing a list of threads that I've been part of, and to see at a glance if there's been any new responses? Otherwise I have to click through only to find that nothing's been said.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Viewing threads that I have been part of

    Heya Lior,

    If you click on my profile on the top right then it takes you to your profile and on there you should see the threads which you have recently posted on yourself and also ones you are subscribed that you have previously posted on if you click "subscriptions" in your profile

    hope this helps even the admins are still trying to learn all the new things
    Emmz xx

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    Re: Viewing threads that I have been part of

    Didn't KK mention this to Nic on the main thread about the upgrade? I noticed all my subs aren't showing, if I was in the right place (only skimmed past).
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