I need someone to talk to. I had swollen gland after a tooth ache months ago. It seemed to go down but i feel my neck is tight. I did gain some weight. I sleep on my left side every night. I wake up and my nose clogged on left side anr eye glued shut. I believe it's allergies. I have health anxiety and gad as well. I have also so much going on in my life. My husband lost job after 32 years. Company closed. So no income from him coming in. However now he needs total left knee replacement and due for surgery April 1st. Then once healed needs right ankle replacement. I worry about finances. I worry about him. I have my own pressures at work. I get indigestion so often and afraid to eat. I hope the throat issue is allergies or muscle issues. I can't afford to go to dr because everything we have is needed for his surgery. Can neck be tension too. Im sorry for being so long but I have so much anxiety that i need to get it out. I am not on meds. Tried years ago and didn't like it. I just take herbal vitamins. Thanks for any words if encouragement.