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    I recently ate a cold pizza that was left out overnight and got freaked out cause i read youre not supposed to do that and bacteria can grow like listeria which ive heard causes meningitis. Ive always had a fear of that especially bacterial meningitis which i dont know is common or rare. Can someone ease me?

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    Re: Meningitis

    I think you'll be ok. I have done that before, and I was fine, but I'll never do it again. You're in the UK it seems, so it is quite cold over there atm? What were the toppings?
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    Re: Meningitis

    Not that I'd recommend it, but I do this every couple of months with all manner of pizza toppings and I've never had a problem.

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    Re: Meningitis

    Hello thanks for the reply, i had like 2 bites before i chucked it. It had mixed veggies and kebab.

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    Re: Meningitis

    In college, after a night of partying, cold pizza (left out all night) and a beer was called the "Breakfast of Champions"

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