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Thread: I'm disappearing

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    I'm disappearing

    I feel like I'm disappearing, I'm led in bed and my mind keeps going foggy and I feel really weird. I feel like something has changed everything like unfamiliar, my body doesn't feel like my own. I'm trying to distract myself to stop myself panicking because I know I will make it worse. Does anyone have any advice on how to make it better please?

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    Re: I'm disappearing

    Sorry to hear you're feeling this way, but it is very common with anxiety.

    I found one of the best methods for dealing with this is to simply focus on something else. When I used to suffer with DP I would often recite birth dates, addresses etc. You could also play games on your mobile or watch some TV. It sounds simple, but it does help.

    And remember, it's unpleasant but also common. Nothing sinister is happening.

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    Re: I'm disappearing

    I agree with AJ.
    It's a real horrible feeling Abergirl, but it's not a permanent state. When I was like that I completely chilled by listening to music, reading, playing games on here, sat in the garden for ages, listening to meditation apps....
    Complete rest and tlc until you feel a bit better.

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