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Thread: What is Your Best Antidepressant Recommendation?

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    What is Your Best Antidepressant Recommendation?

    I went through panic disorder/ocd/depression years ago and it was quite a lengthy ordeal. Finally got counseling and after weaning off Luvox (which I hated) was on a regimine of taking Ativan as needed. I have been fine for 15 years. At times the doctor tried some SSRIs to try to persuade me off the Ativan, but I really wasn't depressed so I didn't need them. The Ativan I would take maybe once a month if a panic attack hit, but often none for months.

    Fast forward to now. My grandmother died of cancer 4 years ago (pancreatic). My mother is dying of cancer now (lung, she was a heavy smoker). I am having severe anxiety attacks and depression along with some health hysteria. I've worked my way through fearing about 5 different cancers so far and still focusing on a few that I'm terrified of. I call it hysteria because I literally go off the deep end about it. I have a few things left that have to be checked which I'm desperately praying are clear, but I also know that if I do not get this under control this paranoia and sorrow will never end and will just find another focus. It's too deep now. I'm tired of sobbing every .... single .... night and half the day. I'm tired of missing life over this. So, I'm getting counseling.

    But, what sort of antidepressants worked or didn't work for you? I'd rather keep the ativan because the panic attacks are still in play, but I need something to help me with this sorrow. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Re: What is Your Best Antidepressant Recommendation?

    I'm truly sorry for what you're going through. That would be stressful for anyone, anxiety or not. Just a peek in the medication sub-forum will show you that everyone is different. What works for one person may not work for another. Grief is a fickle thing to deal with. The best bet is to speak with your doctor. Ask about meds and get therapy started to help you better cope.

    Positive thoughts
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    Re: What is Your Best Antidepressant Recommendation?

    Exactly as above...... no one can give a definitive answer which medication is the best one as there isn't actually an answer to it.

    I am Sertraline which has brilliant for me BUT for someone else it may not be. Everyone is different when it comes to medication
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    Re: What is Your Best Antidepressant Recommendation?

    Thank you both so much! I have been prowling around the forum for a month or so, but there is still much to explore! I am so grateful it exists, it has helped me already.

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    Re: What is Your Best Antidepressant Recommendation?

    Sounds like you've had a dreadful time, and I'm sure there's nothing I can possibly say to make it any better.

    However regarding the lorazepam/Ativan, certainly if you're having severe anxiety/panic attacks, it's probably best you keep taking it "when required" (or as directed) until you're through this period.

    As others have said, there really isn't a "best" antidepressant. What your doctor prescribes ultimately comes down to their own personal choice and experience.

    There are other medications out there, other than the SSRI's. Although your doctor would be best placed to advise on this, as they have you in front of them along with your medical history etc

    Good luck & keep us updated
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