Hi For the past month I have had trouble swallowing. It is not a physical issue, because sometimes I'm able to swallow perfectly fine. I developed a fear of forgetting how to swallow and of choking. It's been on and off. It will get really bad some days, where I sometimes can't even swallow my saliva. Some days I barely eat and drink anything. I will then get the courage to start eating and drinking again and I will be fine for a few days/a week. However, it keeps coming back. It's a cycle. I get panicked whenever I'm about to swallow. And it feels so forced. It no longer seems like a natural reflex. How do I overcome this? I know it sounds crazy (trust me, it sounds crazy to me too) but it is so frightening, frustrating, and scary. I can't believe my anxiety has gotten to this point. Has anyone ever struggled with this? Do you have any tips?