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Thread: Had to speak in a meeting today......

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    Had to speak in a meeting today......

    Took 6 x 10mg propranolol about 50 minutes before the meeting was due to start and got to speak 25 minutes in (so probably 75 minutes after dosing).

    I'd eaten some soup about 3 hours before so I'm hesitant to say I does up on an empty stomach.

    However, propranolol got me through, I was absolutely fine; no shakes, no sweating and I managed to finish a pint of water as the meeting progressed.

    I think 60mg is my best dosage; I'd rather it was less but it is what it is.

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    Re: Had to speak in a meeting today......

    I never suffered anxiety/panic when speaking in front of people but had a stressful job and prolonged muscle tension took its toll on me. Perhaps Propranolol would have helped back then.

    But now that I DO take it, I don't have to speak in public any more

    Well done for getting through your meeting panic-free.

    Never Surrender, Comrade

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    Re: Had to speak in a meeting today......

    Oh, congratulations! Propranolol got me through a few speaking tasks at work until I learned the true secret.

    (Hint: this is that nobody's really listening and they're all just thinking about TV or their lunch so it doesn't actually matter if you stumble or not)

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